Explore the Area

Ingolstadt is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to take home some eventful experiences. The area offers numerous versatile activities and sights for any taste and people of all ages. Getting some exercise outside or attending cultural events in the city will give you a new perspective. A relaxed day at the Danube is an absolute highlight.


The Danube

The Danube is the lifeline of the region. It shapes the places it passes through. The Donausteg (Danube landing stage) with the Neues Schloss (new castle) in the background is one of the cities most famous postcard images. The Altbayrisches Donaumoos (marshland), one of Germany’s most beautiful landscapes, can be found in the south. In the north, you can find meadows and forests that are already part of the Altmühltal. Those who want to see as much as possible, can explore the area a bike or e-bike. The shores offer a sheer endless number of paths and hiking trails. A little boat trip helps calm a busy mind.


Fun for the entire family

The Kletterzentrum Ingolstadt is an excellent climbing center that is run by the DAV (the German Alpine Club). Equipped with a climbing harness and safely roped, you can ascent to great heights. The center offers numerous clever routs of all levels of difficulty. No matter if you are an absolute beginner, intermediate or a real pro – the Kletterzentrum Ingolstadt is the place to go. Beginners and families with children can benefit from a basics seminar. If you are more for climbing trees outside, you may want to visit the Hochseilgarten (rope course) in the west of Ingolstadt.

Altes Rathaus

Ingolstadt & Area

Ingolstadt is is Bavaria’s geographically fourth-largest city and home to half a million people. The first written account of Ingolstadt dates back to 806. There are still numerous historic buildings and impressive remnants of bygone times that attest to the city’s long history. In addition, Ingolstadt is one of Germany’s fastest growing cities with a flourishing economy. Especially the engineering and automotive sector contribute to this – the company AUDI is located here.


Franconia & Uppe Bavaria

Ingolstadt is located halfway between the cities of Munich and Nuremberg right between Bavaria’s most important urban centers. Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Augsburg, Landshut and many more cities and towns are located within a radius of less than 90 kilometers from Ingolstadt. This means that you can reach many major sights of Bavaria within as little as half an hour by car and you can visit modern cities and their historic centers up close.